04.09.2017 Model for Urban development Neue Vahr, Bremen

COBE Berlin, in cooperation with bgmr and ARGUS is commissioned to develop the urban development model of Neue Vahr, Bremen.

Through diversely themed workshops, the interdisciplinary planning team will present a vision for the future development of Neue Vahr in the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

Planning teams will be provided based on the research results from vhw which conducted focus groups, interviews and surveys. A participatory process will help to include the knowledge and preferences of the city’s citizens, administration and companies.
Throughout the workshops, topics regarding integration, traffic, landscape, typology and the definition of neighborhoods will be challenged and answered.

The project is commissioned by GEWOBA in collaboration with Prof. Katja-Annika Pahl, Dr. Thomas Kuder (vhw) and the Bremen Senate (Der Senator für Umwelt, Bau und Verkehr - Bau).

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